What Is ProPayPlus?

Posted on March 21, 2018

HR Services Bostonabc Payroll in Massachusetts is a payroll, tax and bookkeeping company certified by SOMWBA. As one of the fastest growing payroll companies in the Merrimack Valley, abc Payroll has worked with companies in many industries. This includes restaurants, landscaping, contractors, auto repair and many more.  Among the services offered to make your business run smoother, abc Payroll offers ProPayPlus. What exactly is ProPayPlus? Here are some of its features.


Traditional Features

Included with ProPayPlus are the traditional payroll services.  abc Payroll ensures its payroll customers receive laser printed and security sealed payroll checks for their employees and independent contractors. They also provide time sheets, check register, payroll journals, general ledger entry, and deduction registers. These standard reports help clients stay up to date with payroll services activity.  Additional optional reports such as accruable benefits reports, new hire reports, and quarterly payroll reports are also available. Reports can be provided in print form or electronically in our secure client portal. In addition to reporting, abc Payroll’s ProPayPlus goes above and beyond with it’s extra features.

Extra Features

ProPlayPlus focuses on convenience and attention to detail.  abc Payroll takes responsibility for, and provides, accurate payroll tax filing and payment.  All filings comply with EFTPS Federal Mandates. With abc Payroll’s automatic tax filing and payment, there’s no worry about getting payroll taxes for your business done on time.  In addition, ProPayPlus includes W2 & 1099 forms and filing at year end for businesses that continue using abc Payroll services. Another feature that puts ProPayPlus at the forefront of payroll services is Electropay. This feature provides direct deposit for even the small businesses.


It’s no secret that all businesses need a qualified and efficient payroll company. There’s no need to settle for simply receiving paychecks when abc Payroll can do so much more for you. On top of their traditional payroll services like printed checks and accurate reporting, ProPayPlus takes their service to the next level. ProPayPlus can handle payroll and tax filing for your business to take the worry off of your mind and let you focus on the day to day aspects of running your business.