What is New Hire Reporting?

Posted on February 25, 2016

Payroll servicesPayroll companies in MA are known for their abundance of services, but some business owners choose to take on the task of handling their own payroll. abc Payroll wants all new small business owners to know about the importance of complying to new hire reporting as they bring in new employees and how we can help.


New hire reporting requirements for both employees and independent contractors in MA including a report to the state of employee status. Within 14 days of hire or 30 days of lapse in pay. Lapse in pay may include being fired, laid off, or reinstatement to position. This includes and is not limited to seasonal employment, as well.


Failure to comply with these reports without reasonable cause can result in a fine of $25 per employee/independent contractor that is not accurately reported, and falsified information within these reports can result in a $500 per employee/independent contractor.


With so many regulations to worry about when it comes to payroll and running your own business, having a helping hand to take that burden off your plate might be the right decision for you. Our ProPayPlus plan is an affordable way to get all the help you need for new hire reports, quarterly payroll reports, quarterly tax filing, and more. If you’re looking for payroll help in MA, abc Payroll is your one-stop-shop to promise customer services, fulfilled compliances with state and federal laws, and peace of mind knowing you can run your business without distraction.


If you have questions about new hire reports or what we can do to make running your business even simpler, give us a call today at (978) 251-3003.