Ways to Quickly Improve Your Payroll System

Posted on December 16, 2016

abc Payroll’s experts work with many NH, MA, and CT businesses and because of that, we have seen someOutsourcing Payroll of the most well-kept and complex bookkeeping methods around. Payroll shouldn’t be another chore added to your day, and we have a few suggestions to improve your current system.

Create a viable, automated timesheet

Often times, the best way to avoid timesheets is to move away from hourly wage, but not all businesses can allot for that change. Moving towards an electronic timesheet can be very helpful for employees, and prevent hours of sifting through paperwork to account for all employees’ shifts. Time tracking by clocking in and out of their shifts with their own passcodes, are accurate to the time, and are usually more reliable than handwritten timesheets.

Remember to account for company/employee policies

Have you promised your employees PTO, or more specifically sick days, vacation days, and personal days? These policies, which are often established in contracts and/or employee handbooks, must be accounted for appropriately in your bookkeeping. It can accurately track time used by employees and ensure that it is used correctly within the parameters set (often a calendar year), according to your work agreement.

Keep up with new and changing tax regulations

As a business owner, you don’t necessarily have the resources to file taxes yourself. Not to mention, they must be completed on time and updated with the latest regulations. This is especially important when going over the documents your employees fill out to avoid penalties that can impact your business.

Invest in an outsourced payroll system

Putting the time to finding a reliable payroll service outside of your business can be the best way to improve your current payroll system. Leaving this work to the experts allows you to spend more time on other essential aspects of your business, and makes every pay period less stressful for you.

Luckily, there are payroll services like abc Payroll out there. Dedicated to personal service for our customers, we want to work with you and will be the payroll and bookkeeping service you have been searching for.

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