What Should a Payroll Service Offer?

Posted on January 25, 2018

When you’re looking for a payroll service for your company, it can be confusing to know what services should be included. Take a look at what you should consider when choosing a payroll service.

  1. Run payroll on your timeline.

Do you currently pay your employees weekly, biweekly, or monthly? You should consider a service that can keep the same schedule, so your employees aren’t in a tight spot during a transition.

  1. Calculate and withhold taxes.

State and federal taxes are always going to be something to consider. A good payroll service will automatically calculate taxes from each paycheck, and withhold them in order to make sure that you comply with the IRS.

  1. Deduct benefits payments.

Why give money to your employees for them to turn around and give it back for health insurance or other benefits? A good payroll service will deduct these automatically, meaning you don’t have to worry about juggling finances.

  1. Account for overtime and holiday pay.

If your employees work on an hourly basis, then their paycheck will vary from week to week. Ensure that they’re getting the correct pay each week, even when they may work overtime or holiday hours. A quality payroll service will manage this for you.

  1. Send tax forms to employees

At the end of each year, when your employees need to file their taxes, you are required to send them proper tax forms. A payroll service can manage this task, so you don’t need to worry about it.

  1. Report new hires

All employers are required to report new hires to their state government. This can be just one more time-consuming task for you, or you can let a payroll service handle it.

  1. Transition or integration with existing programs

Are you already using a payroll service or software? A quality payroll service will make sure that the transition is smooth for you and your employees.

  1. PTO management

If your employees are awarded any paid time off, a payroll service can keep track of how much is used and make sure your employees don’t miss a paycheck for any sick days.

  1. Tax payment and filing

Payroll taxes must be filed timely to avoid penalties.  A full service payroll provider can make timely payments on your behalf and file all quarterly and yearly tax forms.

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