Outsourcing Payroll – Why and When?

Posted on March 11, 2015

Payroll services from Automated Business ControlsRunning your business is the most important job you have – you’re the expert. However, if you don’t have enough time to focus on operations, clients and employees, it’s time to consider outsourcing some of the administrative tasks. Payroll services are one of the first functions that small business owners look to outsource.

Why Outsource Payroll Services?

  • Minimize IRS penalties – It is very easy to miscalculate tax obligations and miss tax filing deadlines when you are dealing with day to day business issues and tasks.
  • Reduce costs – It can be less expensive to hire a local payroll company instead of adding overhead by hiring an employee and purchasing a payroll system.
  • Pay Employees by Direct Deposit – The majority of businesses are now paying their employees by direct deposit, with savings to employers and added convenience to employees.

abc Payroll knows, and meets, your tax filing deadlines and tax deposit requirements. We have competitive payroll fees, which will also be lower than the cost of hiring your own personnel and buying your own payroll software, and even offer a low cost approach for direct deposit for our clients. Additionally, abc Payroll has over 30 years of experience in serving our clients, and our average processor has been with us for over 15 years. This is OUR area of expertise!

When Should You Outsource Payroll Services?

  • Are payroll issues taking you away from running your business?
  • Have you missed any of your tax deposit deadlines?
  • Could you be calculating taxes withheld incorrectly?
  • Are you unaware of the latest IRS and State payroll law updates?
  • Are you unsure of the retirement rules regarding employer and employee contributions?
  • Are you ill-prepared for Worker’s Comp Audits?
  • Is it too costly and time consuming to produce W2’s and 1099’s?

If you answered yes to any of the about questions, it’s time to outsource your payroll.

abc Payroll provides services that include payroll and tax obligation calculations, printing checks, direct depositing employee net pay, producing valuable payroll reports, payroll tax filing, deductions for 401K and other employee paid items, year end issuance of W2’s/1099’s, and employee benefit accruals. Additional services available are our bookkeeping services and worker’s comp audit services.

We are the premier source of Massachusetts payroll services, so call us today at 978-251-3003 to learn more!