Why Outsourcing Your NH Payroll is a Smart Move

Posted on July 25, 2020

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For the average business owner, there is hardly enough time in a single day. With never-ending tasks to attend to, running a successful business can be overwhelming without the right help and tools. For example, NH payroll is one element that every employer deals with. However, as a business owner, especially a small business, the time and effort to adequately process employee wages, benefits, and taxes can be extremely time-consuming. Because of this, many companies choose to outsource payroll. Outsourcing can mean the difference between remaining competitive and struggling to survive.

If payroll is taking you away from your everyday operations, it’s time to consider these four reasons for outsourcing the process.



Perhaps the most important thing gained by outsourcing your payroll is time. As a business owner, you know how precious your time is. From one task to the next, pausing for hours to process paperwork can throw a curve in productivity. However, when hiring an experienced firm to handle your payroll, you can have peace of mind that your employees will be paid on time and with accuracy.



The cost savings of outsources, especially to a small and growing business, can be enormous. If you consider the cost of hiring, weekly documentation, W2 filing, taxes, health coverage, worker’s compensation, and retaining bookkeepers, the amount adds up quickly. Chance are, outsourcing to a third party will eliminate much of the time needed to handle these matters, saving your company thousands of dollars every year.



The intricacies and the demands of processing payroll are considerable, and many business owners are not trained to perform the task adequately. With much to consider, especially continuous changes in the law, payroll can be an overwhelming nightmare. Outsourcing payroll ensures all processes are completed under law and regulation, providing peace of mind if an audit should occur.



Finally, employee privacy is a big deal. If internal staff handles sensitive information, you need to have the utmost confidence in their ability to handle these matters. From wages to leaves of absence, worker’s compensation to benefits, the smallest amount of leaked information can wreak havoc on your company. However, outsourcing alleviates this concern with off-site processing and electronic direct deposit options.


If you’re responsible for NH payroll processing, give yourself a break, and contact the professionals at abc Payroll. With decades of industry experience, our team is here to assist with all aspects of payroll management.

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