Most Commonly Asked Questions about NH Payroll

Posted on July 21, 2019

payroll NHIf you’re an owner of a business with employees to pay, you’ve probably had questions about NH payroll.  Although there are numerous resources online to find the information you seek, consulting with a professional can save you time.  Instead of endless hours sifting through information and validating which is true, contact abc Payroll for concise, accurate information.  Experts in the industry, the professional team at abc Payroll has heard it all.  That is why we’ve compiled this helpful list of the most commonly asked questions about NH payroll.


Is an employer required to provide a payroll deduction stub?

Yes.  According to RSA 275:49,IV, an employer is required to provide all employees with a written statement of all deductions.  These deductions may include taxes, insurance premiums, contributions to charities, and legitimate deductions made from gross wages.


What is minimum wage?

Effective August 21, 2011, no employee shall be paid at an hourly rate lower than that set forth in the federal minimum wage law, which is currently $7.25 per hour.  However, this rate could change at any given point.  If you’re an employer paying minimum wage, be sure to check with your local payroll specialist or trusted online source to be sure you’re within the guidelines.


What is the minimum number of hours per day an employee must be paid when reporting to work?

Any employee that reports to work at the employer’s request must be paid a minimum of two hours.  This is regardless of the actual time spent in the workplace.  For example, if an employer is to call an employee back to the workplace for an hour worth of work, the employee must be compensated for two hours. RSA 275:43-a


Whose responsibility is it to keep records of hours worked and wages paid?

It is the responsibility of the employer to keep a true and accurate record of all hours worked and all waged paid to each employee.  Further, these records must be kept for a minimum of at least four years.  RSA 279:27



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