Massachusetts Payroll Sick Time Law

Posted on April 21, 2019

Whether we like it or not, at some time during the year chances of needing a sick day are likely.  Maybe the time is required for oneself or to care for a family member.  Either way, most full-time employees in the state of Massachusetts have the right to use earned sick time.  However, each company is different in their policies.  While it is always recommended to familiarize yourself with your employer’s policies, it is also good to know your rights.  This article will give an overview of the guidelines to follow when it comes to both employer and employee rights in Massachusetts.  Offering payroll services in Massachusetts, abc Payroll goes above and beyond the traditional payroll systems.  Providing professional expertise, abc Payroll is an excellent solution for your business needs.


A business calendar year is considered any consecutive twelve-month time period which is determined by the company.  Within the calendar year, employers must provide their employees one hour of earned sick-time for every thirty hours worked.  Thus, employees are generally granted forty hours (or one week) of usable sick-time per year.


More often than not, earned sick-time is compensated to the employee at the regular hourly rate they receive while working.  For salaried employees, those paid on piece work, paid on commission, or receive tips to compensate minimum wage discrepancies, there are specific calculations to determine how sick-time should be compensated.

Usage of Time

In general, when utilizing earned sick-time, it is for specific categories of care.  You may need care for your own physical or mental illness from a provider or with at-home treatment.  Maybe your attention is needed for the care of your children, spouse, or parents.  Sick-time also covers the need to attend medical appointments for self or family. As well as a range of issues concerning domestic violence.


Often people are asked for evidence of illness by their employer.  Is this allowed? The answer is yes.  Employers can ask for a doctor’s note.  However, this rule is permitted only under certain circumstances.  For example, if an employee is to miss more than three consecutive workdays, the employer is within rights to ask for the medical note.  The note, however, does not need to entail details, and employers are not allowed to ask for that information.


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