Payroll MA: It’s National Payroll Week!

Posted on September 1, 2021

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It’s officially September. Do you know what that means? It’s National Payroll Week! Each year, during the first week of September, we take the time to celebrate the payroll professionals that work hard in the industry.


Across the country, hundreds of payroll professionals make sure employees get their paychecks on time, handle withholdings, and manage other related benefits. If you’re looking for expert payroll in MA, abc Payroll prides itself on providing a personal and professional service to our clients.


History of Payroll


So, payroll had to come from somewhere. When and where did the beginnings of the payroll system we know today come from? We can take it back to the 14th century. Back in the 14th and 15th centuries, businesses began bookkeeping practices to manage their shops successfully.


They began to track sales, but eventually, this led to tracking business expenses as well! Thus, when tax laws changed over time, businesses were more capable of handling things on behalf of their employees!



Modern Changes


As time went on, the 20th century was the actual turning point for businesses and payroll systems. While payroll wasn’t truly automated yet, many businesses started to outsource their payroll to other companies. But the true expansion of payroll began in the 1980s.


Automated payroll changed everything. The computerized payroll system was important because it reduced the risk of human errors. Therefore, businesses saw significantly fewer errors on their employee payroll, benefits, and business expenses!


What Automated Payroll in MA Can Do


Automated payroll can handle many different aspects of your business. Here are just a few of the tasks and services that abc Payroll can help you manage:


  • All Checks (Laser Printed and Security Sealed)
  • Time Worked Input Sheet
  • Check Register
  • Payroll Journal
  • General Ledger Entry
  • Deduction Register
  • Accruable Benefits Report
  • New Hire Report
  • Quarterly Payroll Reports
  • Tax Recapitulation
  • Automatic Tax Filing and Payment
  • W2 & 1099 Forms at Year-End for Continuing Clients

Here at abc Payroll, we can make your MA payroll easy with our ProPayPlus payroll system.


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