Do You Know How Problematic A Single Typo Can Be?

Posted on March 11, 2015

Payroll servicesLet’s face it – everyone makes mistakes. We are all human and despite our best efforts, mistakes are bound to happen. The best way to minimize the amount of mistakes made during the course of any particular job, at any company, is to ensure that the person responsible for that particular job is the best qualified and most experienced choice. After all, the more experienced anyone is with a certain task, generally it is safe to say that the lower the likelihood, or at least the rate, of their making errors of any magnitude during the course of their daily work functions.

Payroll services is one such arena of the modern business world where it is important to have experienced personnel in place – whether they be in-house employees or members of an outside payroll company. What matters most is that those who are doing this vital job are not only doing their job correctly, but also making sure everyone else involved is doing theirs as well. When it comes to gathering employee information for the W2, the Social Security Administration generally informs employers that the most common types of mistakes found relate to an employee’s SSN data, which include omitted data, typographical errors, and employee name changes that are not reported to the SSA.

Any payroll services team member in an HR department, or outside payroll management company, should be constantly on the lookout for these types of errors made by others while they themselves are in the process of doing their own jobs. After all, validating this information to the best of their ability is, and should be, part of their job. The information relating to an employee’s name and SSN are what the government uses to best identify whose records they are dealing with. Failure to catch any mistakes before the vital information contained on a W2 form is sent to the IRS could result in potentially serious ramifications – everything from a delayed tax return to a full-scale audit!

No one wants themselves or their employees to be placed in such a situation. That is why it is imperative this vital information is handled by, and validated by, experienced providers of payroll services. Our company, abc Payroll, attends to the payroll aspect of HR services in Boston-area markets, and has more than three decades of experience. We make payroll our passion as well as our area of expertise. From checking all data multiple times before it leaves our hands, to becoming well-versed in newly-passed laws months before they come into legal effect, we strive to ensure that none of our clients will ever have an employee find themselves in a tricky situation due to a SSN error – or any other error for that matter.

Our reputation is built on our results – that is why we have been around for over thirty years.

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