Common Payroll Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

Posted on April 15, 2016

Payroll in NH from Automated Business Controlsabc Payroll has been helping clients with their personalized payroll needs for years. We work with many small business owners who no longer have the time or resources to complete their payroll in NH and MA on their own. We have worked to make our clients’ lives easier by correcting many of the common mistakes we find when we process their payroll for the first time, and compiled the most frequent errors we see.


Payroll is not completed correctly. Payroll is an intricate process and we can understand how small mistakes are made that can lead to big problems. Employee classification, setting up federal/income/local tax withholdings, and business registration are all important aspects of receiving a correct payroll amount.


Payroll is not submitted on time. Some small business owners under or over pay their employees and might even forget about payday completely. We get it, sometimes payroll slips your minds because you have one hundred other things on your plates. Unfortunately, this can lead to bad employee relations and hostility, as well as create potential legal issues.


Not maintaining records. It is extremely important to have payroll records that support payments to employees. It is equally important to maintain accurate records for all payments and filings with the various government agencies. When small business owners fail to keep these records, they are at risk of potential fees and penalties from inaccurate tax filings or worker’s compensation audits.


We constantly hear that maintaining the financial books, and/or processing the payroll, is a task that takes business owners away from the day to day operation of running their businesses successfully. abc Payroll is here to help you with all your payroll needs in NH and MA. We are experts in this area, let us help so you can get back to running your business.


If you’re interested in payroll or bookkeeping help, give us a call at abc Payroll today at (978) 251-3003 for a personal service with personal dedication!