When’s the Best Time to Switch Payroll Services?

Posted on May 1, 2021


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The end of the second tax quarter is nearing! Are you a small business owner assessing their current payroll company? Not every payroll service is a perfect match for you and your business. If you’re considering whether a mid-year payroll switch is right for your company, abcPayroll can help! Here are a few things to consider when looking for a new payroll service.


Address Your Concerns


Before making any significant decisions, you should think about what you’re looking for in a payroll company. Why are you looking to change the payroll service? Below are a few questions to consider to help you out!


  1. What is causing your dissatisfaction with the current payroll service?
  2. Are you getting the level of service you expected?
  3. What would help make your job easier in the future?
  4. Is there anything about your current service you like?


Comparing the pros and cons of your contract can help you decide what you’re looking for in your payroll service! It’s a perfect way to develop questions to ensure your most prominent concerns are addressed. Therefore, you can begin your search for a payroll provider that complements your business best! Here at abcPayroll, we take great pride in providing a level of service to our clients that much of our competition does not and will not offer.



Consider The Transition Process


When considering a new payroll service company, always be sure to ask about how they will assist you during your transition. If they are willing to create a plan of action to ensure all of your current payroll taxes are filed correctly, this is already a great thing! These little details of how they will work for you is the peace of mind you need. At abcPayroll, we are experts in our field, and we can put this expertise to work for you.


When To Switch


Many professionals suggest making the payroll provider switch at the end of a tax quarter. As a result, the new payroll company will begin during the next quarter. Although this is the recommended time, you don’t necessarily have to wait until this point! Online payroll systems are easier to use than ever before. Here at abcPayroll, we have the options available to help you make a seamless transition at any time of the year.

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