The Best Accounting in CT: abc Payroll

Posted on July 21, 2018

Once a company is all laid out on paper and the place of business is ready for the grand opening, the next step is to hire yourself a qualified staff. With hiring employees and independent contractors comes ensuring those workers are paid for their labor. No matter what phase of business you’re in, just starting out or already with an established customer base, it’s never too late to make sure you have the best payroll service for you. For payroll in Connecticut and Massachusetts, abc Payroll can help you make sure you and your employees are paid on time.

Payroll in MA from Automated Business Controls


When it comes to payroll in CT, you need to keep a handful of things in mind. You need to establish your pay periods and paydays. You also need to take employer and employee taxes into account. Abc Payroll can help you keep track of all that. Their services include laser printed and security sealed checks. This is an important aspect of payroll. Very few cash-checking locations aside from banks will allow the cashing of hand-written checks.  For an even more convenient option, abc Payroll offers direct deposit and paycards.   Employees can avoid that trip to the bank and instead rely on their net pay being directly deposited on payday.  Paystubs and check registers are provided for record keeping.


Abc payroll also offers to its clients payroll journals, accruable benefits reports, new hire reports, timesheets, and quarterly payroll reports. These reports help you stay organized and keep up to date with the goings on of your payroll services. Whether you or your employees have questions on where they stand on benefits, you can check the report. These reports allow you to focus on running your business but still keep updated on payroll.


On top of your payroll in CT, abc Payroll offers it’s services when it comes to bookkeeping and income tax as well. It’s a one stop service to keep your payroll organized and stay on top of financial aspects that affect your business. No matter the size of your business, and no matter the industry, these services are a necessity to keep it running smoothly. For more information, contact abc Payroll at 978.251.3003.