When’s the Best Time to Switch Payroll Services?

Posted on June 21, 2017

With the end of the third tax quarter near, small business owners might be assessing their current payroll company for their NH, MA, or CT business. abc Payroll understands that not every company is a perfect match and if you’ve been thinking about switching up your services, suggest you start looking!

Before making any significant decisions, you have to take the time to put in the research and define what you are looking for. First, address your concerns with your current payroll provider. What is causing you discontentment? Is there anything about your current service you appreciate?  Are you getting the level of service you expect?  What would help make your job easier in the future?

Comparing the pros and cons of your current contract can create a list of your must-haves for future services. From here, you can begin your search for a payroll provider that complements your business best. This list can be the perfect way to develop questions to ensure your largest concerns are addressed, and that your next payroll service company will provide professional service with personal dedication.

When talking with these businesses, always be sure to ask about how they will assist you during your transition and if they will create a plan of action to ensure all of your current payroll taxes continue to be filed correctly. These little details could be the extra incentive to go with a particular company over the other and could give you the peace of mind you need.

Many professionals will suggest making the payroll provider switch at the end of a quarter to begin a new quarter under your new payroll company. Though this is the recommended time, you don’t necessarily have to wait until this point. With online payroll systems being easier to use than ever before, abc Payroll has the options available to help you make a seamless transition.

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